Terms and conditions are applicable to each contract between IC Mycosmo and costumer, until its revocation. Terms and conditions refer to the supply of microbial cultures and the services provided by IC Mycosmo. Admission of goods and services is considered as acceptance of our terms and conditions.
Order conditions
Please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for formal inquiry. Based on your requirements a non-binding offer will be prepared by IC Mycosmo. After costumer’s written confirmation of the offer, IC Mycosmo will arrange the delivery of products in a specified time at the expense of the contracting authority unless otherwise stated in the contract.
IC Mycosmo is committed to deliver the agreed products or services.
IC Mycosmo ensure that the products dispatched are not hazardous, infectious, HIV positive, toxic or radioactive.
Terms of delivery
Customer is obligated to accept the responsibility for qualified handling of the biological material and to ensure that the received biological material will be processed by qualified personnel in an appropriate laboratory environment.
The customer should be informed with all applicable safety standards and regulations.
IC Mycosmo assumes no liability for the resulting damage and injury caused by improper handling of the products delivered or damage incurred during transport or due to vis major.
Quality of products and services
The costumer should be aware that the subject of the contract and services of IC Mycosmo is a biological material and can thus be changed. Nevertheless, the high microbiological performance standards IC Mycosmo ensure the supply of clean and credible biological material.
Safe deposit
IC Mycosmo do not accept any liability for information about cultures, which were submitted for storage by the depositor. Biological material is permanently stored in accordance with up-to-date standards. The corresponding documentation is treated in strict confidence. IC Mycosmo assumes no liability for the loss of the biological material, if this has not previously been properly stored or microbiological strain was not sent in a pure culture.
Identification of strains is based on the modern taxonomic approaches. IC Mycosmo does not assume responsibility for the results of identification, as well as for the viability of the strains were sent to be identified. Upon request, the material sent to the identification, is destroyed at the end of the process.


Forms of Payment

Payment to (by bank trasfer):
Biotechnical Faculty
University of Ljubljana
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Department of Biology
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

IC Mycosmo (MRIC UL)
Microbial Culture Collection Ex
Chair for Molecular Genetics and Biology of Microorganisms

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University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical faculty
Jamnikarjeva 101
SI-1000 Ljubljana
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Account No.: 01100-6030707410
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Banka Slovenije
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